Awesome Design Gel Nails!

“Dahlia” means splendor,elegance and appreciation.

For women out there who lead active lifestyles Soak Off Gel is for you! Whether it's taking care of the kids or you're a busy business woman, Soak Off Gel gives a no-chip, lift or crack, smudge free manicure and pedicure that lasts long after application. Timesaving soak off gel requires no drying time and is available in 40 different colors, including clear.
Choose French manicure, 3-D art, hand-painted designs or rhinestones.

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It is a complete reservation system.




Soak Off Gel Hand

Gel clear ¥6,600
Gel Manicure ¥6,800
Gel Glitter Gradation ¥6,800
Gel Color Gradation ¥6,800
Gel French ¥6,800
Gel High French ¥6,800
Gel Marble ¥8,800
*Gel Pedicure + ¥1,100

Custom Dahlia Designs

We have 3 types custom dahlia designs ¥7,150・¥8,150・¥9,150.

You can choose Elegant,Cool,Cute or Bridal Design more than 60 types. Including nail filing,dry care,Bio clear gel,base design,nail art and clear gel top coat. Of course, you can choose your favorite color.

Soak Off and Optional Menu

Design change Soak off
(Nail Salon dahlia)  ¥1,100 
Design change Soak off
(other salons)  ¥2,200 
Soak off (Nail Salon Dahlia)  ¥3,300 
Soak off (other salons)  ¥4,400 
(Including nail filing+shine or polish base coat) 
Acrylic  ¥770/per 
3D Art  ¥550 & up 
Japanese Washi Paper Art  ¥550 & up 
Heel Cuticle care  ¥4,400 

Nail Care Menu
Manicure Total ¥4,400
(polish remove・nail filing・cuticle care・soft massage・polish color)
Nail Care Basic ¥3,300
(polish remove・nail filing・cuticle care・soft massage)

Pedicure Special ¥8,800
(foot bath・polish remove・nail filing・cuticle care・heel cuticle care・relaxing hand massage・polish color)
Pedicure Total ¥6,600
(foot bath・polish remove・nail filing・cuticle care・soft massage・polish color)



Name: Nail Salon Dahlia

Street: #602, Nakaken Bild, 4-9-13, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

City/ZIP: 150-0013


Telephone: 03-6450-2436 English ok!


Ebisu station 5min walk !

Call #602 before in elevator.